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Article introduction

Junior high school gives birth to the problem in the heart to have a lot of kinds, above all junior high school is unripe can appear traitorous phenomenon, be learned bad by someone else at that time, need our correct guiding the philosophy with unripe junior high school. Still junior high school gives birth to the exudation as the hormone inside body, can generate interest to the opposite sex, want correct guiding the communication with unripe junior high school and communicate, avoid junior high school to give birth to the phenomenon that appears to be loved early. To firstForum of Shanghai night net

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What does unripe psychological problem have in the content that we can understand this article introduction.

Junior high school lays psychological issue

The high school student’s common psychology problem has a few;

(1) school malajustment because school malajustment affects study badly,psychological problem; is commonly, study efficiency drops, cause dropout or discontinue one’s studying even.

(2) forces model performance of issue of this kind of psychology is psychological problem; , oneself can realize these are unreasonable, needless, but incontrollable and cast off, to student learning, live and suit in the school have very big undesirable effect.

(3) is depressed model psychological problem; this is the psychological problem that with abiding mood one kind when social psychology element causes low condition is a feature, expression is dismay, dejected, depressive, unwell feeling joins the body sleep-disorder, healthy to the student’s body and mind harm is greater.

Junior high school lays psychological issue

(4) angst psychological problem; thisLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Kind main show is psychological problem, durative insecurity and uneasiness, studying an activity is distracted, memory and thinking suffocate suffocate, the insecurity in association, yi Ji is offended, when anything crops up panic-stricken, always think toward disadvantage.

(5) horror psychological problem; problem of this kind of psychology is to point to pair of certain and specific food, circumstances, or unusual fear generates when human association and active and evasive in order to eliminate uneasiness, dare not speak in open circumstance, do work, have a meal etc, bring about finally cannot interact normally again.

The student’s common psychogenic disorder has what;

(1) forces sexual barrier. This kind1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The symptom with apparent psychogenic disorder works to think repeatedly namely, indecisive, and oneself feel close again1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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(Barrier of 2) angst sex. It is the fear of a kind of unidentified reason, insecurity is disturbed, ; of careladen in a state of excitement often blame everyone and everything but not oneself, n wailful unceasingly.

Junior high school lays psychological issue

(Barrier of 3) hypochondriasis sex. The patient pays close attention to overly to him health, believe oneself contracted some kind of disease, relapse go to a doctor, although do not have go to the bad, still think oneself have some kind of disease. Shanghai night net

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(Barrier of 4) depressed sex. The patient’s mood is low, grouchy, ego opinion is low, also not reason and person interact, expression is very inflexible.