[fluid of darling make water is sapid it is how to return a responsibility] – of reason of _ of _ peculiar smell

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The health of the body after baby is born is very crucial, and the body situation that the parent needs to watch baby in time, and the uric fluid of darling has peculiar smell also is commonner circumstance, fluid of darling make water is sapid a kind of expression that may be darling body disease, as a result of,usually occurrence flavour of fluid of darling make water may be urethral disease, problem place perhaps appears to bring about on food, should notice observation more at ordinary times.

Fluid of darling make water is sapid it is how to return a responsibility

Is fluid of darling make water sapid how be to return a responsibility?

1, mildewy be like so that taste: Have the baby of disease of benzene ketone make water, the flavour of fluid of its make water has mildew taste, or mice stink.

2, resemble maple the flavour of syrup: Have the baby of disease of maple sugar make water, its amino acerbity metabolization is unusual, contain in sweat and uric fluid maple the flavour of syrup. A week after darling comes on, can cause sucking difficulty, breath difficulty, convulsion, hands or feet to wait for common symptom stiff, because the illness is exasperate,be in next in a few monthsForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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And die.

3, the uric fluid of crural stink: Disease of blood of akin auspicious oxalic acid, also be the disease with a kind of amino acerbity unusual metabolization, the uric fluid of sicken darling eduction contains crural stink. The baby that has this kind of disease is born before long, vomit several times, lethargy does not wake, and be easily by mistake pylorus stricture disease.

Fluid of darling make water is sapid it is how to return a responsibility

4, the make water of fishlike smell: Have the uric liquid of the darling of disease of acerbity blood of ammonia of tall armour sulfur, contain stink of pluvial raw meat or fish, this is serious congenital amino acerbity metabolization unusual, sicken darling is after the fortnight after be born, have sucking difficulty, gut puffy, mood owes beautiful, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Back is recurvate wait for a symptom, darling comes on when a month is big, the death before about one one full year of life

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, the make water that resembles celery flavour: When darling suffers from acid of armour sulfur ammonia to breathe not complete disease, uric fluid has scorched saccharic taste. Darling of this kind of sicken from birth that daystart, sucking situation is bad, diaper has celery taste, still have muscle of hands or feet time of stunt of state of faint, convulsion, spirit, breath is much wait for complex symptom, and again and again diarrhoea, the hair is whiten, this also is congenital amino acerbity metabolization unusual.

2, serious consideration of flavour of coquettish of darling make water is these

1, suffer from excessive internal heat

Suffer from excessive internal heat is very immediate cause, darling get angry, when can causing darling pass water, uric flavour is heavy, so mom should give darling much more compensatory moisture, and the vegetable with compensatory more cellulose, the fruit.

2, urethral whether to affect

Because,flavour of darling make water may be again darling often make water, mom carelessly cleanness of darling private parts is caused, appear when darling make water is painful, frequent micturition, make water is urgent when waiting for a circumstance, must take darling to undertake go to a doctor check

Fluid of darling make water is sapid it is how to return a responsibility

3, the odour with normal fluid of darling make water

Normal for, pee should be the flavour that approximate ammonia enrages, resemble disinfecting the odour of fluid a bit, and this flavour often won’t be shown immediately, want to put period of time, the talent meets what be aware of somewhat.

The person with smelly foul smell of ordinary make water is internal heatShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Flourishing. If make water is to rot malic flavour may be diabetic, flavour having ammonia may be chronic cystitis, garlic stink may be organic phosphor toxic, in addition feed garlic, green, leek or if 2 sulfur third is mellow,apply certain pharmaceuticals, moxa kind wait for make water to already also had poison of too much acid into special odour body, human body eliminates through make water, and all beverage all are acerbity poison, so the body eliminates directly, with benefit the health at human body. Do not eat: of the following food? Camel? souse, coke, hamburger, milk, candy, nut, legume, meat dishes, the day that drink water 3 litres (this very important) . Eat green vegetables more. Can have rice, coarse food grain, can improve very quickly oneself.