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Article introduction

Preserve one’s health is OK from us at ordinary times undertake in food, for instance tea of ginger of black candy longan is a kind of very advantageous to females drink, especially black candy is likely everybody is not familiar, this is the saccharide with a kind of nutrient price tall watch that compares brown sugar, have like longan enrich the blood very well function, drink this kind of tea to be able to improve the health not only so, the immune force that still can allow the body is taller.

 Tea of ginger of black candy longan

The black candy in daily life also is a kind of brown sugar actually, but its are taller than the valence watch of brown sugar, sexual Wen Weigan, the beneficial in filling is angry, be good at lienal warm stomach, because raise experienced technology and officinal value different, the price is so more expensive than ordinary brown sugar. The main component of tea of black candy ginger is red jujube, ginger and black candy. Red jujube has hairdressing to raise colour action, ginger can lukewarm classics drive is cold, blood of increase of black sugar filling gas, be good at lienal warm stomach, the effect of tea of black candy ginger that this 3 appearance put make it together is quite much, men and women is all appropriate.

One, the effect that is aimed at a female:

1. warm palace goes algidity, body chill or hand1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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On one cup is drunk to be able to make the body fast and warm when the foot is icy.

2. menstruation is drinkable it is easy classics invigorate the circulation of blood more, accelerate haemal circulation, reduce the anguish of dysmenorrhoea.

3. still can be when hunger complementary capabilities, restore blood sugar.

4. reduces weight, appetite can reduce greatly during a lot of females reduce weight, but produce hungry move very easily again, can rely on to drink tea of black candy ginger to maintain body place to require an element at that time, do not absorb again adipose, it is the beautiful that reduce weight is tasted really.

 Tea of ginger of black candy longan

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5.Tea of ginger of tipple black candy is OK and warm uterus, enhance immune power, be prevent and reduce disease of department of gynaecology to suffer fromShanghai Long Feng forum

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The effective prescription of ill rate.

6. improves complexion dark heavy hair is yellow, let the skin restore luster, raise to hairdressing since colour effect.

7. goes to work too tired, stay up late in the evening bloodless when with tea of ginger of a cup of black candy, the instant restores essence of life to enrage a god, make your job more satisfactory.

2, the effect with drinkable male:

In 1. traditional Chinese medical science, ginger is positive thing, have since ancient times ” the man cannot not have ginger 100 days ” view. The effect with because Jiang Chaneng of this male tipple is enough positive conduce.

2. often drinkable still can accelerate metabolism.

3. dredge main and collateral channels, suit to maintain gens of postural of a job going to work for a long time particularly.

3, the effect to the old person:

1. to aged body weak, black candy has admirable cure theory to take filling effect.

2. is aimed at defecate not freeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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old people, take some of black candy more daily can be good at stomach changes Yu, benefit bowel is aperient, reduce and prevent costive symptom, restore alvine path health.

3. age became old easy old eye is dim-sighted, see thing faintness, drink tea of black candy ginger to be able to remove delay liver bright purpose effect, improve presbyopic symptom.

The old people that 4. has problem of slight heart lungs can drink tea of black candy ginger to achieve the goal of lukewarm heart filling lungs.

5. get angry, disposition fire person, often take black candy can beneficial is angry be good at lienal, reduce internal heat.

 Tea of ginger of black candy longan

4, the effect to dot:

Very easy anorexia raises 1. child feed, drinkable tea of black candy ginger can prick saliva, gastric juice, digestive juice secrete, motivate intestines and stomach wriggles, thereby stomachic.

2. dot likes snack, flavor too heavy, easy mouth does glossal dry, the Jiang Chake that drink a dot stops with promoting the secretion of saliva or body fluid thirsty.

3. child always lies between 3 difference 5 easy colds, it is medicine 3 minutes poison, often take medicine bad to the body, can drink Jiang Chalai to enhance immune power more, clear lung relieves a cough.