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Article introduction

This kind of circumstance is in skin damaged is commonner in the life, because everybody is in what be caused at ordinary times by the cut of cutting tool,basically be, skin damaged should have treatment according to the degree of damaged, if be slight damaged, the alexipharmic processing that needs to have cut only is OK, if be damage of whole layer skin, cut is deeper, need finishs after disinfection is handled, still need to undertake wrapping up and avoid the symptom that tetanus appears in cut.

What degree calculates skin damaged

The degree that the skin injures depends on physics and the quantity that chemistry injures and qualitative, clinical skin of on many basis injures degree classification.

The basis injures deepness

1 blame is whole layer skin is injured

Show deepness of cut accumulative total is majorA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Dermal layer.

3 whole layer skins injury

Show whole layer of cut deepness big skin is the following.

4 deep-seated organizations are injured

Drag in deep is returned outside pointing out scathing skin whole layer each organization.

What degree calculates skin damaged

The basis injures property

1 pure skinLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Skin damage

Show the skin is injured only whole layer of accumulative total skin pushs share of subcutaneous tissue shallow-layer.

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Damage of 2 compound skins

Point to the organization beyond skin of scathing drag in, wait like subcutaneous tissue, hemal, nerve, nerve, tendon, bone, cartilage, serious person but companion hair has injury of main internal organs of the body and massive haemorrhage to wait.

What degree calculates skin damaged

A few kinds of common disinfectant introduce below:

Sparge of more than 100 state: More than 100 state achieve a face to disinfect sparge agent to be external use disinfectant, main component is benzene plunges into chloric ammonium, did not add alcohol, pigment, when using excitant inferior, suit children to use. Can use at falling, cut the injury, claw, abrade skin damaged that cause, basically be aimed at coccus of golden yellow grape, coliform organisms, bacterium of verdigris holiday single born of the same parents and white beads bacterium, sparge form, convenient and wholesome. Cannot use with be being mixed with anion surface activator, allergic to the product person taboo.

Medical alcohol: Medical the bases of alcohol is alcohol, in daily life, a lot of people are used medical alcohol will swab cut, in order to achieve the goal that sterilization disinfects. But alcohol is having stronger excitant, use pair of skins all round cut to undertake only commonlyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Disinfection, cannot use on cut directly. Otherwise not only exciting cut, ache is afflictive, still can make the albumen that achieve a face caky, influence cut cicatrizations.

Tincture of iodine: Tincture of iodine weighs tincture of iodine again, for Gong Zong’s lubricious liquid, advocateForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Want composition to change potassium for iodic, iodine, use at skin infection and disinfection commonly. But tincture of iodine cannot be used on cut directly, if the meeting on cut besmear produces intense burn ache. Tincture of iodine cannot large area is used, may be absorbed because of a large number of iodine otherwise and cause iodism.

Iodic bend over: Iodic bend over is most commonly used disinfectant, can use at hand disinfection is being brushed before skin disinfection, operation place disinfection and operation, excitant to cutaneous small, can form a diaphragm at the same time, avoid a bacterium to be affected again. But allergic to iodine patient should be banned with, the person that allergic reaction is weighed can produce fit of larynx oedema, asthmatic appearance or shock.

Gentian violet: What gentian violet points to commonly is gentian violet, gentian is called on medicine, common weighs gentian violet. The fester sex appeal that can be used at the skin and mucous membrane is caught, the stomatitis that white beads bacterium causes, also use at scald, burn to wait. Bedding face accumulates damagedForum of Shanghai night net

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Cannot use when, the experiment shows sex of animal whole body absorbs gentian violet to be able to cause cancer, some national regulation definitive edition are tasted can as a result of local not damaged skin, forbidden to be taken orally. But the harmful response that at present home did not see concerned gentian violet causes cancer is monitored.